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Pawan Tweeted On Missing Of Ttd Jewellery

Lot of allegations have been faced by TTD Board and TDP Government in the recent past regarding the mismanagement of funds and jewellery of Lord Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala. Former Head Priest Ramana Deekshitulu made sensational allegations which include search operation in Potu and missing Pink Diamond. 

Pawan Kalyan claimed he had prior information about the missing jewellery in Tirumala and hence the allegations of Ramana Deekshitulu hadn't surprised him at all. 'A Senior IPS Officer whom I had met in Hyd Airport lounge few years back revealed about missing jewellery of TTD. The Jewellery went to a middle-east country in a private aircraft. The robbers must be assuming that 'Lord Balaji is Mute, It's ok to rob him,' he said.

Jana Sena Chief opined the explanation given by AP Government over the allegations isn't satisfactory. He questioned why Government doesn't use the services of Forensic Experts to recreate a scene in TTD's Kitchen & the place Pink Diamond used to be in the past. He told only then people will know the truth about how Pink Diamond has gone missing due to the coins thrown by Devotees. PK mocked TDP Government saying any robber could steel jewellery from idols by throwing a handful of coins at them while the procession is going on according to its theory.

Pawan extended support to the demands of Nayi Brahmins. He condemned the rude behaviour of CM Chandrababu Naidu on Nayi Brahmins in AP Secretariat by commenting – 'With love & admiration we elect the leaders & they rule us with fear & terror'.

PK appealed AP Government not to use land acquisition act on Amaravati Farmers. He went on to question what is the need for more land even after pooling enough. 'AP Govt should act as protectors not as Land Grabbers. I will be meeting farmers in Amaravati regarding this issue,' he informed.

Jana Sena Supremo asked AP Politicians to stop exploitation of Uttar Andhra and treating it like a dumping yard for pollution creating Industries. He found fault with Nuclear Plant establishment in Uttar Andhra by highlighting the concerns expressed by Former Secretary of GOI EAS Sarma in his letter to Centre and PMO.  




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