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Pawan To Start Fight Against Yellow Media

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan's historical rebellion against caste biased pro TDP channels stands as the most memorable moment for Jansena activists. With his aggressive tweets, Power Star checkmated musugu TDP channels conspiracy through a controversial actress and a controversial critic's interviews. 

Of late a media baron's number one newspaper and pro TDP channels changed the pace of their pro TDP bias. On the other hand, a 'Tail Media' recently aired a programme which gave the fake survey reports of 2019's poll battle's winner. Obviously, TDP won with bumper majority while Jansena was projected in such a way, as if it were not in race in the election battle. 

Having witnessed yellow media cunning acts, some of the key persons of Jansena are forcing Power Star to fight against pro TDP. This time, however, they don't wish Power Star to get his fight confined to social media accounts. More likely, Pawan Kalyan will indirectly slam and ridicule yellow media's strategies against him during his public meets. Moreover, he may disclose the details how survey reports of pro TDP channels becoming fake.




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