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Pawan Takeover Deal Of 10 TV Is Finalised

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's entry into active politics hasn't gone down well with pro TDP media. They showed soft corner on Power Star until the latter allied with the TDP. Ever since Pawan Kalyan had a break up with the TDP, and has been exploiting ruling party's blunders, pro TDP channels started targeting him. They slang mud on him broadcasting lengthy debates with Pawan Kalyan's haters. 

Subsequently, Pawan Kalyan launched a rebellion on pro TDP channels, which led the channels stepped back from indulging in bad propaganda on Pawan Kalyan. On the other hand, Janasena activists felt there a is a need Janasena owning a news channel so as to convey its objectives and to fight against pro TDP news channels. 

Earlier it was buzzed that Pawan Kalyan would be owning 10 TV which is currently running with financial crisis. And the gossips are all set to come into reality soon. Buzz says Pawan Kalyan's close aide Nimmagadda Prasad roped in to invest Rs.30 crores in 10TV. Janasena will be running the news channel with good amounts of share to be invested in the channel. Hitherto, Nimmagadda experienced running MAA TV. 

Pawan Kalyan's friendly terms with Marxists, who owned 10TV, is also said to be the reason Pawan Kalyan showing interest on buying 10TV. Let's wait for more updates.




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