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Pawan Should Not Have Targeted Raju

Stating that targeting Ashok Gajapathi Raju is the biggest mistake of Pawan Kalyan, Sabbam Hari expressed that Pawan shouldn't have done so. Sabbam said Raju's family is the cleanest family in Indian politics and their contribution to Vizianagaram is beyond words. He recalled the massive donations of Ashok Gajapathi Raju's family and his vast political experience and his continuous hit track record. 

Calling Pawan's statement that he was behind Raju's victory as thrash, Hari reminisced everyone about Raju's unbeatable winning record and how he has been wining the election over the years. He said Pawan's comments against Raju have brought him down in people's perception and locals are not at all appreciating his comments on Raju. Hari asked Pawan to know about Raju's philanthropic acts.

He also found fault with Pawan for targeting the likes Gouthu family. He said wherever Pawan is targeting the tall figures, there he is becoming "less" in the mindsets of local people. The seasoned politician advised Pawan to develop knowledge on local issues and take inputs from seniors before addressing at the public meetings.




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