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Pawan Now Concentrates On Mining Mafia

Yet again, Pawan Kalyan is proving to be a tough nut to crack as he is now concentrating on indiscriminate mining mafia controlled by the faction leaders from Rayalaseema and other leaders from Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

‘The observation they made is about Rayalaseema faction leaders and coastal Andhra leaders running mines in tribal lands through their agents. And their greed for profit is costing the natives health, property damage, environmental pollution, economic imbalance and loss of life. As they are non-locals, their concern is about profit but not for the sons of soil’s wellbeing,’ a post from PK has become a subject of discussion in mining circles.   

True that mining is a mammoth scale of business which cannot run without the hand of politicians in it. Who cares about pollution and the ecological imbalance when the returns are high…no place for sustainable development! Mining Mafia… a subject commercially touched innumerable times in contemporary Telugu cinema.   




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