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Pawan KalyanTakes Break From Porata Yatra, Enjoys In Araku

Taking frequent breaks from his Porata Yatra, Pawan Kalyan has spent quality time at a private resort in Araku. Pawan, who wrapped up Vizianagaram tour by Saturday, has taken leave on Sunday and stayed in the resort near Padmapuram Gardens. The whole day Pawan was restricted to the resort. Early in the morning, he has walked outside his room for 30 minutes, but later he went inside his room.

Several Janasena party activists from Paderu and ex MLA of Gajuvaka, Chintalapudi Venkatramaiah, have come to meet Pawan but the Janansena chief hasn't come out to meet. After waiting so long, people who came to meet Pawan were upset and left the place.

Earlier, Pawan had also taken breaks from his Porata Yatra citing his body guards were injured. Usually, Yatras would be conducted by leaders continuously without any break unless only if any health issues arises or the Yatra is conducted for long. But since beginning of Yatra, Pawan taking regular intervals is worrying Janasena workers, cadre who are afraid that it would send wrong signals.

Meanwhile, Pawan said to have changed the route of his Porata Yatra after coming to know about CM Chandrababu Naidu's visit to Srungavarapu Kota ( S Kota) of Vizianagaram district.

Source – Gulte


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