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Pawan Kalyan Is Full-Time Politician, Part-Time Hero

There is a huge gungho about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's comeback to films as departing leaders like JD Lakshminarayana have accused that the actor's going back to films as irked them. Responding on the same, Nadendla Manohar stated some sensible stuff we must say.

"There is no going back on Pawan Kalyan's words that he will dedicate his life for the party and the society. Despite the fact that Pawan is getting many offers considering his superstardom he never took them. But he has opted to do those films as he has given commitments prior to entering the electoral war" said Nadendla Manohar, the second in command of Janasena Party.

Can Janasena survive only if Pawan works in films?- "It's not exactly like financial wise. But these films could make him close to the people for the stardom he has. In a way that is beneficial to the party. But at any given time, Kalyan garu will be full-time politician and only a part-time cinema hero" Nadendla further adds.

He further revealed that Pawan's film work will not be disturbing his political activities as the actor got all the needful flexibility from his producers. "He will be acting only whenever time permits and schedules will be planned on his availability and time. So there is no need to worry about his political plans getting disrupted due to movies" Nadendla said, as he signs off.




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