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Pawan Kalyan Branded As Part-time Politician

Pawan Kalyan was branded as 'Part-time Politician' by Political Opponents. He, however, didn't make any serious attempt to prove his critics wrong. The hopes of Fans and Supporters who wished to see a change with Porata Yatra got ruined.

Jana Sena Chief kept taking breaks after every few days during his recent yatra citing reasons like lack of adequate security. Thereafter, He announced Ramzan holidays. Fans expected PK to resume the Porata Yatra in Visakhapatnam soon after Eid but that didn't happen.

Meanwhile, There were gossips based on health issues faced by Powerstar. Pawan seems to be suffering due to back pain and eye issue.

There isn't much time for Next Polls as PM Narendra Modi wishes to conduct Assembly and Lok Sabha Polls simultaneously. So far, Jana Sena don't even have Constitution In-Charges, Booth Level Committees and Other Elements required to contest in all the 175 constituencies. PK's tour and Party Construction should happen simultaneously. After his tour was stopped abruptly, Everyone stopped discussing about Jana Sena and that's a big concern. Hungama for few days won't work in politics.

When will Pawan resume his yatra? If this situation continues, The impact of Jana Sena in next elections will be limited to under 10 percent of vote share




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