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Pawan Fans Taking Revenge On Renu With Old Videos

Renu Desai, former wife of Power Star Pawan Kalyan is planning to start a new life, entering into wedlock once again after leading a lonely life as a single mother for six years. She engaged in a secret manner with a fear from her former hubby, Pawan Kalyan's die hard and frenzied fans. 

But ever since Renu Desai made her engagement public, she got trolled facing abusive and obscene messages. Even though she quit twitter and Facebook, PK fans are not leaving her on Instagram too. Fans are not leaving her, even after their idol congratulated her after her engagement. 

In fact fans are becoming even more furious after Renu Desai made shocking allegations that she came to know that Pawan had a child with another woman after 11 years and he forced her to give divorce. Renu Desai started criticizing Pawan though she vowed not to say anything negative about him. 

Fans are turning furious and now they started trolling Renu trying to expose her double speak. They are pulling out her old videos in which she heaped praises on Pawan Kalyan. Wonder when Renu will become free from Pawan Kalyan fans and their trolls.




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