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Pawan Ex Girlfriend Congratulates Ex Wife Of Pawan

Poonam Kaur is happy for a woman.  As a woman, the alleged ex-girlfriend of Pawan Kalyan heaves a sigh of relief for a fellow woman in her latest Twitter post.  

"A few broken wings got healed and the bird takes a flight into another beautiful journey.  May no evil spirits surround you even in thoughts. Happy for a woman, me being one.  'May you live and let live happily ever after.  God bless!!!" the small-time actress, who is no longer doing Telugu movies, says.  

What is Poonam suggesting?  As per some Netizens, she is congratulating Renu Desai, Pawan's ex-wife, for finding her true love years after her divorce with the Tollywood superstar (Renu recently suggested that she has found her future husband).  The use of the term "Broken wings" indicates that Poonam feels for Renu's not-so-happy past.  




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