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Pawan Back With Flooded Tweets In Twitter

It looks like Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is finally back from his slumber. Pawan took a Ramzan break after a whirlwind Uttarandhra bus tour. Yesterday, Janasena social media officials announced that Pawan will resume the bus tour from June 26.

But this morning, Pawan took to Twitter and fired a flood of tweets, touching upon various issues in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan started off by sharing a screenshot of retired IAS officer and activist EAS Sarma's email to the Prime Minister's Office regarding several issues and discrepancies in the proposed nuclear plants in Kovvada, Srikakulam, and Nellore.

Pawan then changed gears and raked up the 'Separate Telangana' kind of movement in Uttarandhra if the senior politicians do not stop exploiting Uttarandhra and keeping it in perpetual backwardness. 

Pawan then said that the AP government must stop using the land acquisition act on Amaravati farmers, as enough land has already been acquired for Amaravati. He also said that he will be meeting with Amaravati farmers very soon. "AP government should act as protectors not as Land Grabbers," wrote Pawan.

Pawan then extended his support to the fight of the Sompet thermal power plant victims and the Nayi Brahmins. Finally, be Pawan jumped into the missing TTD jewellery controversy and termed AP government's response to senior TTD priest Ramana Deekshithulu's allegations as "not satisfactory". He demanded the AP government to prove its version by conducting a forensic test on how the Lord Balaji Pink Diamond went missing.




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