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Pawan Asks Chandrababu To Send Lokesh To Uttarandhra

CM Chandrababu Naidu and TDP Government has become the main target of Pawan Kalyan after offering importance to his experience for four years. He isn't hesitating to target either Babu or Chinnababu directly in the recent past.

From the past few months, Pawan Kalyan has been focusing on the issues and plight of people in Uttar Andhra. In the meeting participated by Victims of Land Acquisition and Land Mafia, Pawan Kalyan asked Chandrababu Naidu to send his son Nara Lokesh to Uttar Andhra if he can't see the issues in Uttar Andhra. 'Just alike Hiranyakashyap in Mythology, Rulers have been snatching lands from Farmers and dragging them to the roads. We can't see Capital…No Industries would be set up…Employment opportunities won't be created, but the Leaders acquire lands forcibly with false promises. Farmers have been distanced from Agriculture,' he complained.

Jana Sena President alleged Inno Solutions and Franklin Templeton were sanctioned crores worth land in Visakha for just Rs 35 lakh per acre. He pledged to fight until 2013 Land Acquisition Act was implemented properly by the Government. He also foresees the atrocities of TDP Goondas in 2019 to make people vote.




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