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Pawan Angry On ABN Morethan Renu

 Andhrajyothy Newspaper has carried Banner Item on Renu Desai’s Statement about Pawan Kalyan’s Divorce. Renu Desai minced no word saying that Pawan Kalyan’s Extra Marital Affair with Anna Lehzenva and having a Baby without her knowledge is the breaking point of their relationship. This News item is expected to inflict a lot of damage to Pawan Kalyan and Janasena in the coming days. There is also a detailed Video Interview on the Same Topic which will be very damaging in the coming days. More than Renu Desai, Pawan Kalyan is angry on ABN Radhakrishna for carrying out the item prominently. The Janasenani is already fighting a legal battle with the Andhrajyothy MD and this has further soured their relation. If other media houses also pick up this news, it will be a catastrophe for Pawan’s Budding Political career. So, they are obviously worried. Janasena fans have already picked up the line of Media Conspiracy to even out the issue but then, it is not a cooked item and is a video interview of whom most of them called as Vadhina until very recently. We will have to see if the Political and Media Conspiracy line works.





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