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Pawan Acting In Direction Of Bjp Says Ramesh

"The only film directed by Pawan Kalyan is Johnny. In all his other films, the direction was done by someone else. Similarly, he is now acting in the direction of the BJP," said CM Ramesh while speaking to the media in Sri Kalahasti.

Naturally, the media personnel in attendance were impressed at CM Ramesh’s knowledge of Tollywood.

Speaking further, Ramesh then trained his guns on the BJP. "The BJP has not fulfilled any of the promises made to Andhra Pradesh. But we will fight the BJP. We will make them bend to us and see to it that every promise is realised."

Now, how exactly are you going to do that Mr Ramesh? How can you make the BJP honour the AP Reorganisation Act? You did a deeksha for 11 days recently in Kadapa? What was the result?

Your own MPs made fun of it and embarrassed Andhra Pradesh in front of the nation. Now, you are speaking these macho words. But, can you please specify on how you are going to force the BJP to honour the commitments made to the State?

Meanwhile, political sources say that VLCC and Anu Weight Loss clinics have been seeking an appointment in vain for the last few days with CM Ramesh.

Apparently, they are very impressed with CM Ramesh’s ‘lose weight in 11 days’ programme which he undertook in Kadapa recently and the clinics want to implement the same programme with their patients using Ramesh as a brand ambassador but for some reason, Ramesh is refusing to meet them.




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