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Patience Pays For Suresh Reddy

Former Speaker KR Suresh Reddy emerged the dark horse and upset all speculations by emerging as the second Rajya Sabha member from Telangana. He was nominated by KCR after lot of deliberation. He pipped past strong ticket aspirants like Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy and Namaste Telangana pubisher Damodar Rao.

This is definitely a big disappointment for both Ponguleti and Damodar Rao, who were expecting the seat. But what weighed in Suresh Reddy's favour was his low key nature. He did not make a hue and cry over the Rajya Sabha nomination. Unlike him, the other leaders applied various pressure tactics, whicch is an anathema to a leader like KCR. Suresh Reddy's low key approach seems to have appealed to KCR.  More importantly. Suresh Reddy never resorted to groupism in the party and never encouraged dissidence. This is one major plus point that went in favour of Suresh Reddy.

Even as a Congress leader, KR Suresh Reddy was known for his discipline and polished behaviour. He was never known to encourage groupism in the party. So, it's a great reward for a suave politician.




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