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Paruchuri Revealed The Story Behind Roja Name

As a TV show judge .. as MLA , Roja who runs four characters as a housewife. She was the top heroine of Tollywood and Kollywood. She has acted next to all the top stars in these two languages. In the current generation, the jabardist show judge is well known. In the case of becoming a heroine, the writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna has revealed how dreadful it is.

Roja got recognition from the sarpayagam film. In which she played the daughter of Sobhan Babu. Paruchuri Gopalakrishna has directed the film. The role of the daughter of Shobhan Babu is crucial. "Film producer Ramanaidu thought to take Meena before this role. But in the sarpayagam film, the character of Sobhan Babu's daughter dies. By then Setharamaiahgari manavaralu was released and became a blockbuster. In the meantime, the character of her character is going to die and the viewer can not see another heroine. At that time I saw Roja first time in the tapes of the current Chittoor MP Shivaprasad. There was a lightning in the face of Roja. That's why he took her as heroine, "said Paruchuri Gopalakrishna.

"As part of the sarpayagam shooting, with the Roja Swim suit in rehearsal time. She had a desire to be a glamorous heroine like Sridevi.This sarpayagam does not know whether it will play. If you look at the movie with the swim suit and go back to studies, what's the situation? ' I asked. She said, '' Its is srilatha and it was not Roja, Rosa's response, "said Gopalakrishna about Roja's perseverance. Roja real name Sri Latha. That's it matter.




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