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Pantham Trailer Review

Macho hero Gopichand is coming up with yet another commercial formulaic entertainer titled Pantham. The film that marks his 25th one for Gopichand is directed by Chakravarthy aka Chakri.

Pantham theatrical trailer released today hints that it is a pucca commercial entertainer with a social message. Apparently, Gopichand has an agenda for robbing money from bank. He questions not just the richest and politicians but also the commoners who for small amounts let corrupt politicians rob the society.

Mehreen Kaur who played Gopichand’s love interest looked gorgeous. Gopi Sundar’s back ground score is fascinating, wherein production standards and cinematography are lavish.

Here are few dialogues in the trailer uttered by Gopichand:

Kurukshetra Yuddham Yuganiki Okkasare Jaruguthundi. Dharmam Vaipu Nilabadalo Adharmam Vaipu Nilabadalo Nirnayam Appude Theesukovali.Okariki Manchi Jaragalante Aa File Meeda 10 Mandi Santhakam Pette Paddhathi Marithe Gaani, Samanyuduku Ye Saayam Andadu.

Avineethi Chesina Oka Nayakudini Arrest Chesthe Mathram Bandulu Chestham, Dharna Chestham, Bus Lu Thagalettestham Ani Prathi Okkadu Road Ki Ekkesthadu. Hey Vadu Kajesthundi Nee Annanni Nee Brathukuni Nee Bhavishyathu Ni Raa.

All in all, Pantham seems to be a formulaic film with a good social message




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