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Only Pawan Is Showing Some Ethics ! Ethical Politics From Pawan Kalyan At This Juncture!

Janasena party has lost the previous general elections completely, the party has won only one assembly seat. Even the party chief Pawan Kalyan has also lost in two of his constituencies in which he contested. But the craze and following for the party is on high tone. Even though the party lost in the elections they were appreciated for their fair politics with zero manipulations like distributing liquor or giving money to the public for votes was not done by Janasena and that was not the motive of Janasena. 


Even the Janasena party has also never cornered a single political party or leader to bash them out with false allegations for political mileage. But if any kind of flaws are noticed in the governance definitely Janasena is countering strongly. The rapid spread of coronavirus in our country is creating many problems for the government of India. Also due to lockdown the state governments are also under complete pressure in handling this pandemic movement. Especially the situations in Andhra Pradesh are turning out of control. Jagan's  Government  is unable to take the proper steps for preventing the wide spread of coronavirus. 


In this meantime the opposition party TDP is just firing on the Jagan's Government. Even also in kurnool district there are around 200 cases that were detected in a single day this was noticed by Janasena Party local leaders and also senior activist in seema Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy has written a letter to Janasena chief about explaining the situations in kurnool then Pawan Kalyan knowing the situations in kurnool he didn't used it for countering the government regarding any political benefits Pawan Kalyan is quite in this pandemic movement and gave space for the government to work for the sake of the public. There were many kinds of pressures on the Janasena chief to use this pandemic movement for gearing up politically but Pawan Kalyan seems to be a true political leader who knows when to speak and when to argue and by these incidents it is clear that Pawan Kalyan has strong ethical values. Even after knowing the kurnool incidents Pawan sincerely wrote a letter to Jagan and mentioned him to take all the preventive steps in order to eradicate coronavirus. 


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