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Onions At Rs 165 Not Out!

The onion prices are soaring high with each day passing. On Friday the prices have touched Rs 165 per kilo while in many cities across the country, onions are priced at Rs 200. The main reason for rise in price was damage to the onion crop due to rains in Maharasthra, the key growing state.

Govt taking adequate measures to control onion prices: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

The government has approved to import of 1.2 lakh tonnes of onions to check the ongoing price rise but we hear this may get delayed. As per the traders the import onions may arrive to the country by January 20th. Also the traders expect that the prices of onions will keep going up till December 25th.

In Andhra Pradesh, the state government is provided subsidized onions at many places. People with Aadhar card can walk in to the market but can only get one kilo per person.

Meanwhile, with the rising prices, robbery of onions cases are getting reported in large number all over the nation. The police are providing protection to the stock rooms too.




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