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One Thousand Is More Than Enough

Anupama Parameswaran is known for her bubbly looks, jovial nature and friendly composure. Anupama who stole the hearts of all with her performances in films like A Aa, Premam, Shatamanam Bhavadi, Krishnarjuna Yuddam, more recently entertained with Tej I Love you. 

Speaking to scribes Anupama revealed that a person doesn't need much money to stay in Hyderabad. She said she has good knowledge about finances and added that she knows how much remuneration she gets but keeps on calculating. 

“I don't require money as I’m not mad of shopping and don’t go out much. One thousand is more than enough to stay in Hyderabad. A house and car is enough to stay in Hyderabad happily. My co stars treat me like a 2year old child. Sai Dharam Tej uses to tease me saying 2B2 meaning '2nd class B section Roll No2."

Anupama says she is a Telugu girl as she already did six films and added she now like Telugu dishes like rice, daal and curd




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