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Once Again Mani Sharma Got It Right, Made It Thumping And Terrific

For the 90s era people, surely Mani Sharma is the only favourite music director. But the talented composer's creative intuition got depleted over time and his songs started to flop unlike in previous years where only films flopped but not songs.

Later, Mani turned to do background score for some films and helped them score hits. In recent times Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is one such fine film coming from the composer but later most of his works ended up as a routine. And now, he has once again got it right, made it thumping and terrific, as his work stood out in Isamrt Shankar. 

Despite the fact that the film's narration is utter bad with the routine storyline and predictable twists, Mani's music made it somewhat interesting as he kept the lines 'ish ish ismart shankar' humming in the ears of audiences through his strumming. 

But what is lacking in Mani Sharma right now is, maybe he's not concentrating well to give some stunning melodies like how he used to give in the past. While some fast beat songs are okay, his melodies are a disappointment in Ismart Shankar. 




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