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OMG- Plane Lands When 5 Minutes Of Fuel Left

A Delhi-bound Vistara Flight from Mumbai having 153 Passengers on board escaped crash with a slight margin.


The Plane was airborne for over 3-and-a-half Hours in the process of avoiding low-visibility landing. Initially, Flight was diverted to Lucknow, then to Allahabad and finally returned to Lucknow. In the end, A providential touchdown was carried out and by that time the fuel tanks were almost empty.

Plane would have taken 30 minutes to reach the runway at Prayagraj Airport in Allahabad. Fortunately, Air Traffic Controllers informed the Pilots that the weather over Lucknow was cleared for a safe landing. When it landed, A320Neo had only 200 kg or 5 minutes of fuel left.

A320Neo Aircraft took off at Mumbai airport at 3.18 pm with 8,500 kg of fuel. It reached Delhi by 5.03 PM, Diverted to Lucknow at 5.24 pm, Heads for Allahabad at 6.21 pm, Diverted to Lucknow at 6.28 pm and Landed in Lucknow by 6.47 pm.

A Senior Pilot opined safe landing of the Vistara Aircraft was a miracle. He wondered why didn't the Pilots opt for Auto Land in Lucknow after getting diverted from Delhi.




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