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Nutan Naidu Gets Eliminated From Bigboss

Another commoner gets evicted from Bigg Boss season 2. Nutan Naidu who has shown a lot of promise and also stood against dominating celebrities has been evicted from the show after two weeks.

There are many inactive so called celebrities in the show that are getting public votes while the commoners are being ousted out of it.

Bigg Boss season 2 included commoners in the game to make it exciting. But it turns out to be a ploy to extend the stay of celebrities in the house.

If there are no commoners then some celebrities will be forced to exit the show in no time. Thus, including commoners in the game is helping those well known people to be in the house for some weeks.

Last week’s evicted contestant Sanjana was controversial, but she is easily one of the most active housemates in the first week. She provided a lot of drama to draw the attention of public.

Nutan Naidu also didn’t bat an eye when taking on Samrat and Tanish who tried to bully him. He is also one of the most entertaining contestants in season 2. Sadly, he has to step out of the house because of the lack of popularity.

If Bigg Boss’s strategy to include commoners for the sake of extending the stay of well known housemates then it is nothing but an insult to enthusiast common people who steps into the house with bigg dreams.




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