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Ntr Two Juniors Combined Pic Going Viral

When Young Tiger Jr Ntr's wife Lakshmi Pranathi gave birth to a baby boy four days ago, everyone got excited. While his family members broke into wild celebrations, fans jumped with immense joy and jubilation.

Even as NTR and Lakshmi Pranati is relishing the happy moments along with their son Abhay Ram, rumor mongers had a field day by sharing the snap of a young kid and spreading the news that the snap belongs to NTR's baby boy. 

But all that turned out to be false and now NTR decided to end all the speculation and rumors by sharing the snap of the baby along with his son Abhay Ram. Sharing the snap, NTR posted "Welcoming the new #brat into the #bratpack"

The pic is going viral delighting not only his diehard fans but also movie lovers.




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