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Ntr Reveals His Tensed Feelings In A Press Meet

Tollywood stars enjoy huge fan following and corporate companies are after them for signing them to endorse their brands for wider reachability.  Mobile Store brand Celekt has recently signed a deal with Tollywood star NTR as their brand ambassador.  Young Tiger will promote Celekt brand from now onwards and the company has organised press meet to reveal their association.  

NTR gave interesting answers to the questions posed by the reporters present in the press meet.  A reporter asked him to reveal an memorable incident related to a phone.   NTR said that he was in Switzerland for the shooting of 'Rabhasa' while his wife was pregnant with the first child.  "The doctors have given a delivery date but they have advised her to visit hospital early if there is any emergency.  When I was speaking to her on phone I sensed something wrong. I was scared delivery will happen without me staying by her side.  But she told me that everything is fine."

"I immediately returned to Hyderabad.  My mother was accompanying Pranathi at the hospital.  I got a call from her when I was having my coffee at my home. My body was shivering when she told me that the doctor would like to speak to me. Doctor told me to reach the hospitral immediately. As soon as I reached the operation theatre, my elder son is born."  

NTR said that he could have reached the hospital late if the flight gets delayed in Dubai. He was able to reach the hospital at the right time.  He said that it is terrific incident related to phone. 




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