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Ntr Biopic Comes With A Sequel

When it comes to Telugu filmmakers, sequel means taking out the characters from a past superhit and weaving a new story around it. But the likes of Ram Gopal Varma and Rajamouli introduced us to films with the story continuing in another film too with Rakta Charitra and Baahubali respectively.

And later on, though many directors thought of making such two-part films, till date none came up with one. But it looks like talented filmmaker Krish now wants to come up with such a thing as he feels that the biopic he is making actually deserves a five-hour narration. 

The film journey of NTR and The political journey of NTR are two different things, and hence Krish wants to narrate #NTR biopic in a dramatic way in two parts. While the first part will hit cinemas on Sankranthi, second part might come 5-6 months later. We hear that currently, the writers along with Krish are working out how to end the first part and hold the curiosity of audiences until second part releases. 

In the meanwhile, Balayya who is playing NTR on the silver screen is said to have convinced that releasing the film in two parts will be a good decision, provided with the fact that Telugu people would love to see Sr NTR's story for such a long time. 




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