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NRIs disappointed on Bigg Boss 2

Bigg Boss first season in Telugu was a slow poison and Tarak as the host, did his best to enthrall audience throughout, though there were some lows and highs in those 70 days. The fever has begun yet again, this time with Nani taking the talking part of the host trying to do his part on par with NTR. But somehow, NRIs are not happy with Bigg Boss 2! The reason is not Nani, neither the contestants, it is something else.

There was a huge overseas audience who really ruled out the idea of watching Bigg Boss during the first season, but the show turned out to become super success later on with more and more gluing themselves to Televisions. But the Bigg Boss admirers from the USA are not able to watch the second season live. 

Audience from the USA loved the show when they watched it on Yupp Tv subscription with Maa Tv programs being part of it. Recently when Star acquired Maa TV, they dropped from streaming its episodes on Yupp Tv, leaving all the USA audience disappointed. It was not too hard for them until the new season of Bigg Boss began. 

While Star Maa officially confirmed that the new season will not be available in the USA, Bigg Boss admirers could not find any other proper channel to watch the show. Neither Sling nor Hotstar streams it online as there are geographical restrictions. 

Some fans have already taken a chill pill, explored ways like using location proxies and few piracy websites for recorded episodes




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