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No Qualms For Me Even You Address Me As Vadhina Says Renu

‘Vadina’, this was how Pawan Kalyan fans kept addressing Renu Desai even after they were legally divorced. Now that she is going to get married again, will Pawan Kalyan fans address her as ‘Vadina’? Renu Desai says that she has no qualms if they address her so. Only that they need to take a note that her husband is new. After abusing Pawan’s ex-wife for deciding to get married again, now the so-called fans are worrying about Akira Nandan and Aadhya. Renu Desai assured them they needn’t worry as nothing will change with regard to them. They will continue their studies and then pursue their dreams, further. Renu asked why fans are worried thinking that Akira and Aadhya aren’t happy. “Who told you that they aren’t happy?” Renu is trying her best to live her life and she is in no mood to take the nonsense from the fans, anymore.





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