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Nithyananda: ‘Covid19 Will End Only After I Return To India’

India is battling the second wave of Covid19. Cases are high and the vaccine drive is going at a good enough pace. The last two months were really difficult for the country but now after a long battle, the number of cases are finally coming in control. The daily report is still high but it is not as bad as it was for the past few months. Amidst all this, self-styled Godman Nithyananda shared a new video in which he claims Covid will only end when he comes back to India.

Earlier, he even sent in a request to the UN asking to declare Kailasa as a separate country. To explain his point, Godman even created a website. He claimed to have launched his own currency in Kailasa and also a Reserve national bank.

Nithyananda even went as far as saying that no one from India will be allowed to enter Kailasa. As the situation is not good in the country, even his devotees from India will not be permitted. Any country that is facing a surge of Covid19 cases is banned from entering Kailasa for the time being. He even included Brazil, European Union and Malaysia in the list. The Godman claims that all the Kailasians will quarantine themselves and follow all the necessary local Covid19 regulations.

Nithyananda was answering his disciples’ questions in a video. Upon being asked when Covid19 will leave India, the Godman said that it will happen only when he sets foot in the country. Netizens on social media started trolling him and asked when will he be coming back to India to free us all from the pandemic.

It was reported that the fugitive is currently hiding in Ecuador. After being caught in an alleged sexual assault case, the so-called Godman fled the country in 2019. According to sources, he has set up his own virtual island-like place near Ecuador. He calls this hypothetical land Kailasa. Every now and then, Nithyananda keeps sharing videos on social media to cause havoc.


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