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Nithya Banned Heroes

Nithya Menon, who lost her chance of being in the super talent wedge shape, has not changed her style yet. Allu Arjun and NTR asked to play alongside the  but it is not possible says nithya. Nithya Menon, who has spoken to me about the size, said, "My body size is my wish"she  is not at least having a chance for the young heroes. 

Nithya also lost the opportunity to play the role of 'Mahanati'. However, she says she will act as hero if she does not starve to do it like Kangana Ranaut. The heroes chose the unaccountable stories and said that she is going to direct the film in the name of her name. But the super crazy heroines like Nayanathara are not in boom only nowadays.

It is desirable to expect to see the shafted nimism. How many clicks in the lady oriented cinemas, how many misfires.




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