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Nirbhaya Case:-Delhi Court Issues Fresh Death Warrants, Convicts To Be Hanged On March 3

The Delhi Patiala Court has issued a fresh date and time of death warrant for the four convicts of Nirbhaya gang rape. On March 3rd at 6 AM, the convicts should be hanged said the court.

This is for the third time that a death warrant was issued against the Nirbhaya convicts. However, there is no guarantee that the death sentence would be carried.

Two among the four convicts have their own reasons to push the sentence further. Vinay Sharma one of the accused is said to be in hunger strike in Tihar jail and advocate on behalf of him, informed the court. Listening to this the court has asked Superintend of Tihar jail for a detailed report.

Another accused Pawan Gupta is yet to file a curative petition. He is the only convict who did file a curative petition and is most likely to move to Supreme Court.

Nirbhaya's mother is unhappy with these happenings. Speaking outside the court, she said, "I'm not at all happy with the fresh death warrant. Hope this time, the four convicts will be hanged."

So will Nirbhaya convicts get handed on March 3rd? This is seriously a big question to answer.




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