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Nippu Lenide Poga Raadu Kada

Tinsel Town is known for rumors galore and of all the gossips less than 1% turnout to be true. Rumor mongers for all the criticism; however try to tables on their critics saying smoke will not come without fire (Nippu Lenide Poga Raadu kada).

Now Filmnagar is abuzz with rumors that a young Hero who is making waves in Tollywood fell for the hot looks of a singer. What is surprising is while the young Hero is in his thirties; the singer is in her forties.

While the Hero's close aides say, he is just flirting; singer's friends say there is more to their closeness. Inside talk is parents from both sides are unhappy with the developments and are working overnight to separate the love birds. 

It has to be seen where this will lead to as the singer is keen to enter into wedlock while the star is exploring other beauties




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