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Niharika In Love With Co Star

Mega daughter Konidela Niharika is finally finding some space to release her new film where she teamed up with struggling hero Sumanth Ashwin. Titled "Happy Wedding", the film's teaser released recently and on June 30th, the trailer will be out.

Apparently, to promote this film, Niharika and UV Creations have come up with some new plans and they created some videos for the same. In one such promotional video, actually, a YouTube channel guy asks her about her wedding, regarding which she says, "Don't use my name and image for your YouTube clicks and thumbnails. Why do you want to know when will I get married or how is it going to happen". 

In short, Niharika has thrown a punch on those rumours doing rounds that she's in love with her co-star and the two are going to tie the knot soon. But later in the video, when the anchor says that he is asking about "Happy Wedding" movie, Niharika said sorry and stated that on June 30th they will announce about the release date of the movie. 

The satire might work for the now, but if the release date gets prolonged, then all the hype will die down. After release first look on Feb 14th, it took them so long to release the trailer already.




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