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Nigeria Pushed India To Second Spot

India used to hold the worst record of highest number of people living in extreme poverty until May 2018. Now, Nigeria pushed India to the second spot in this category.

As per the latest report of Brookings Institution, Nigeria emerged as the country where largest number of people live in extreme poverty which means living on less than $1.90 per day. Those in extreme poverty won't even have access to nutritious food, clothing and shelter.

According to the World Poverty Clock, As much as 87 million people in Nigeria are in extreme poverty. About 70.6 million people in India have been in this category. 

While No. of people in extreme poverty kept reducing in India, Graph of Nigeria has been growing rapidly and such a trend was seen in African Nations. Africans account to 2/3rd of extreme poor in the World. By 2021, Less than 3 percent population live in extreme poverty. 




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