When Will The Shootings Resume And Theatres Get Opened ?
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Very recently many big players from Tollywood Industry have met 

Telangana Chief Minister KCR 

to discuss regarding the shooting permissions. And also to discuss about the precautions that will be taken if the permissions are given for shootings in the studios or in any other selective places. 

Even after Analyzing the present situations across the globe and also around the country, there are clear indications that people are 

no more in the mood of getting entertained. And The pandemic movement might last for another two more months as well. So, 

to get the situations into normal conditions in the society it would take time for at least another two months, and that would be in the months of October and December where there is a scope for re - opening the theaters. 

Thereby, the producers guild is conducting meetings in order to discuss regarding the films that 

are lined up for release. And also to plan the release dates cleverly so that there will be no clashes. 

Thus, the lockdown has created a huge damage for the cine Industry.

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