What's Wrong With YSRCP MPs ?
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Before electing to power, Jagan Mohan Reddy had promised the public that his government will work towards achieving special status, if all 25 MP candidates from his party will win in the elections. But even though 22 out of 25 candidates have won, forget about special status, none of them are even able to bring the basic projects to state.

Initially, as several young MPs have been voted to power and as most of them are educated too, it was anticipated that they would bring a massive change in governance. But even in much required times like corona crisis, except one or two MPs like Lavu Krishnadevaraayalu from Narasaraopet, Kotagiri Sridhar from Eluru, rest other MPs are sticking to homes and few others are not even available for public for long. 

The public is vexed of all such MPs as they are unable to do nothing in much required time. As part of Spandana program, one among public had recently questioned about the whereabouts of his MP. Authorities were shocked to hear it and even took the issue to CM. He is anticipated to take a suitable action against all such MPs soon.

25 May, 2020 0 95
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