What Will Censor Board Do Regarding OTT Platforms?
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Lockdown made several movie buffs stick to OTTs as there are no theaters. With the growing demand for these platforms, even the filmmakers are in awe of it and are keen to release their projects over there. 

But one thing to be noted here is that there would not be any censor for these platforms and this advantage is making the filmmakers bet big on adult content. Even popular series like "Paataal Lok" has included adult content just for the sake of it, even though there is no great demand for the proceedings in it. Same is the case with 'Sin' in Aha.

Not many watch OTTs in phones, but also prefer to watch with family in smart TVs with wide screening. How awkward it would be, when such adult scenes come midway of watching a series. So bringing up a censor board for OTTs is very much necessary. Just like how porn websites have been blocked for some time in the past, there has to be a monitor on adult content before it goes official on OTT, as it is going to be a form of a living just like TVs in all our lives. 

26 May, 2020 0 93
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