What Was The Real Discussion Between PK And Bandi Sanjay ?
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Bandi Sanjay who is the newly elected Telangana BJP Party President. Actually, Bandi Sanjay has recently gone to meet Pawan Kalyan in his home. The meeting between Pawan Kalyan and Bandi Sanjay lasted for almost 2 hours. In the meeting T-BJP President Bandi Sanjay has given the very clear explanation about both the 

Chief ministers of both the telugu states. Especially about the way the government is functioning in Telangana. Also a deep discussion has happened between Pawan Kalyan and Bandi Sanjay regarding the controversial issue of Potti Reddy Padhu. 

Actually this meeting gives clear signs that The Janasena Party is gearing up to stand strong and grow up politically even in the  Telangana State as well, by forming an alliance with BJP Party. And that is the main reason why Bandi Sanjay has gone to meet Pawan Kalyan in his residence 

as an expression of extending 

the complete support from Telangana BJP. 

Thereby, even Pawan Kalyan is also positively going ahead by forming alliance with BJP Party. Even though there are negative vibrations that are being raised around him. Actually what Pawan Kalyan is doing seems to be very accurate and right, based on the present political situations in the country. It seems to be clear that for another 10 years BJP will definitely form the government  at centre. So,      a new established regional party like Janasena will be benefited from the mighty BJP in many various forms for sure. If even public see it in this manner then Janasena will grow high in no time.  c x

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