What Really Made Jagan Take The Crucial U TURN ?
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The recent decision that was taken by the Andhra Pradesh State Government is leading to many speculations and raising towards unnecessary controversies. Even the opposition Political Parties in AP are bashing YSRCP Party. And also Y.S Jagan seems to be under pressure in dealing with the speculations that are arising around the decision he has taken.  

Accordingly, due to the financial crisis that was formed with the effect of the lockdown has made The AP State Government to take a sensational decision, that to sell the major assets of The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. Actually the assets are earned in the name of god. So, the opposition parties are raising their voice high in order to not to sell any of the assets of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.  But YSRCP Party Leaders are not going back with their decision. And even also they are strongly stating that, actually this decision was firstly brought up by the TDP Government in the past 

that is way back in 2015. 

As this was the statement that is being heard from YSRCP camp seems weird because even though they are giving strong counters to the opposition parties but that only stays on the political platform. This decision taken by the Andhra Pradesh Government is really hurting the emotions of the people. 

On the same path Visakhapatnam Saradha Peetam Swami Swaroopananda has also made a phone call to Jagan and said to hold the decision on selling Tirumala Assets. Thereby immediately Y.S Jagan took back the decision of selling Tirumala Assets. Even now Jagan camp is saying that they have only thought of taking that decision but still we are not officially sure of passing that decision. By this way Jagan has taken his U-TURN. 

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