Telangana : Massive Water Level Rise in Major Irrigation Projects Across the State
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Significant irrigation projects in both the Krishna and Godavari river basins in the state have received large flood water inflows in several districts of the state due to heavy rains. The inflows are expected to increase more, forcing the Water Management Engineers to raise crest gates to allow the flood water down the stream. According to the Central Water Commission (CWC) flood forecast on Tuesday, the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) Lakshmi (Medigadda) barrage on the Godavari River, which has a water level of 98.6 metres against a 100 metre Full Reservoir Level (FRL), is predicted to receive 3,200 cumecs (cubic metres per second) of flood water by Wednesday from rains in the upper regions. Similarly, it is estimated that the Sripada Yellampally project will receive floods of over 1600 cumecs, Srisailam will receive 7,500 cumecs, and by Wednesday, the Sri Ram Sagar Project (SRSP) will receive 3500 cumecs.

Particularly in the Krishna river basin, inflows into major projects continued to be huge. An inflow of 3, 58,936 cusecs was received by Srisailam and 3, 54,611 cusecs were discharged. The project holds 215.66 tmc of water against a 215.8 tmc capacity. The inflows were 2.30,980 cusecs at Nagarjuna Sagar and 1,89,332 cusecs were outflows. Compared to its capacity of 312.05 tmc, the volume of water available in the reservoir was 310.85 tmc. Pulichintala had 3,17,758 cusecs received and 3,04,223 cusecs discharged. In Karnataka, Almatti discharges 52,530 cusecs into Narayanpur, and Narayanpur discharges 91, 875 cusecs into Telangana's Priyadarshini Jurala Project (PJP). The inflows were 1,87,000 cusecs at PJP, and 2,10,509 cusecs were outflows.

SRSP received 1.36,443 cusecs on Godavari and released the same quantity down the stream. With 90.31 tmc of water, the reservoir is full. Heavy inflows of 1,30,541 cusecs are received by Yellampalli and 2,03,860 cusecs are discharged. The inflows were 2,080 cusecs at Kaddem and the outflow was just 336 cusecs. The inflows were 26,665 cusecs at Lower Manair and 46,966 cusecs were outflows.

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