Ratan Tata The Industrialist Bachelor Turns 84, Who Came Close To Getting Married 4 Times!!!
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Ratan Tata, the chairman emeritus of Tata Sons, celebrated his 84th birthday on Tuesday, 28 December 2021. The Bachelor Industrialist declared a few years ago that he had fallen in love and wanted to marry. He was on the verge of getting married four times. 

Tata, on the other hand, believes that remaining unmarried was not a terrible thing because the issue would have been more complicated if he had married. 

When he was asked whether he is ever been in love, in a 2011 interview on CNN International's Talk Asia programme, Tata stated - “I came seriously close to getting married four times and each time it got close to there, I guess I pulled off in fear of one cause or another."

When asked if he had ever been in love, he said affirmatively. "Seriously, four times," he said when asked how many times he is in Love. 

"Well, you know one was probably the most serious was while I was working in the US and the only reason we didn't get married was because I came back to India and she was gonna follow me, and that was the year of the Indo-Chinese conflict, and a true American way of fashion was started in the United States, the conflict in the snowy uninhabited part of Himalayas, resulted a major war between India and China, these are the times when I fell in love”, Tata Stated. At that time things didn’t go as planned and she didn't come eventually and got married in the United States." he added. 

This is how Ratan Naval Tata replied when asked about his love life. 

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