New Strategy Of Quarantine : How Will It Affect The Hospital Industry ?
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The outbreak of coronavirus has made many countries across the globe to get into lockdown in order to restrict the spread of virus in their land. Even India is also into lockdown from the past 50 days and still the lockdown is strictly getting implemented in red zones but the green and orange zone areas have been given few exceptions. 

Accordingly, the complete lockdown of the nation for almost around two months has affected the economical stage of the nation very badly. So, as of now even The Government of India is working round the clock to figure out the ways to bring back the economical conditions into normal. 

Thereby, during this pandemic movement many experts are stating a new strategy that will 

give a boost to the hospital industry. Actually, the Indian citizens who are in other countries and are willing to come back to India for their own reasons. Even the government is also positively making arrangements to get the Indian citizens back to India who are situated in different countries. But this might be risk as there is 

a chance of the widespread of coronavirus. On the other path if 

all the citizens who are brought 

to India and they must be kept in quarantine for at least 14 days. 

Even there are no sufficient hospitals and facilities in india. 

So, what if all the hotels in India are turned into quarantine places

then there can be a rule that all 

the bills must be paid by the passengers or the citizens who 

are coming back to India. Then the government will also get income in the terms of taxes. This idea is also interesting but how far the citizens in foreign countries will react is the big question.

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