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The Coronavirus problems were multiplying day by day in Andhra Pradesh. As of now, nearly 7,000 new cases were being reported each day on an average. In every district, over 300 new cases were being reported daily. Apart from these shaking numbers, another disturbing factor is the lack of beds and facilities for virus patients at the hospitals.

Amid this, the latest tweet of TDP MP Kesineni Nani raised political temperatures all of a sudden. He said the very of this was sending shivers down the spine of everyone. The situation in Vijayawada city was horrible. No hospital could provide a bed to the Covid infected brother of a former legislator. They used all their influence with all political parties but could not find admission for the patient. Eventually, the ex MLA’s brother remained confined in the ambulance outside a hospital for hours together. As no help came, it finally led to the death of the patient in the ambulance itself.

Narrating this story, the MP asked what the suffering of the common man would be if a former MLA could not get support for his own brother. This comes amid debates going on about the lack of enough facilities at the Corona isolation centres. The government is depending more on the private hospitals but there are not enough beds available. Analysts say that a great human tragedy awaits in AP if the government does not open exclusive Covid hospitals with a considerable number of beds.

Wear Mask, Don't Go Out Until it is Emergency , Community Spread Started in India.

You can only take crae of your self and family.

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