Mumbai-Goa Cruise Ship: 66 Passengers Out Of 2000 On-board ‘Cordelia’ Tested Positive For Covid19
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The Cordelia Cruise ship left from Mumbai to Goa with more than 2,000 passengers and crew members on board. 

After one of the cruise ship's crew members tested positive for Covid19, samples of all 2,016 travellers and crew members were analysed, and 66 of them tested positive for Corona Virus.

The crew member who tested positive for Covid19 was quarantined separately on the ship, while the Covid19 test was conducted to everyone on board, including 1,471 passengers and 595 crew members.

On Sunday, a medical team with PPE kits boarded the ship to conduct an RT-PCR test on all 2,016 passengers and crew members. 

"The Mumbai Port Trust (MPT) and the respective collectors have been notified. The government will take suitable steps to address passenger disembarkation”Vishwajit Rane, the Health Minister of Goa stated.

The minister told reporters on Sunday that the ship operator had been requested to do Covid tests on all passengers, and that any who tested positive for the coronavirus would not be permitted to disembark. 

Because the Mumbai Port Trust (MPT) would not allow the cruise to dock in Goa, the vessel is docked near Mormugao Port cruise terminal, Vasco.

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