Jagga Reddy's Special Love On TV9!
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Jagga Reddy is such a kind of a firebrand leader that even a Chief Minister like KCR is not comfortable to go against him. But Jagga Reddy strictly goes against KCR or to say any other political leader. But the things took a magical turn after a few cases were filed against him, involving him in a passport scam.

Since then, Jagga Reddy has stopped going against KCR and in fact started being friendly with his close associate My Home Rameshwara Rao, TV9 owner. 
Recently, BJP leader Dharmapuri Aravind criticized My Home Rameshwara Rao, saying that his company stole national mineral resources, resorted to irregularities in mining leases and also foreign investments. Responding to it, Jagga Reddy from nowhere said that it is not fair on the part of him to target industrialists like My Home Rameshwara Rao. He also alleged that there were cases against his father and younger brother in the past.
This is not the first time for Jagga Reddy to back TV9. 

Earlier, when Revanth Reddy attacked Rameshwara Rao on similar lines, leaving the fact that Revanth is his own party leader, Jagga Reddy severely went against him. Having seen all the developments, it seems, Jagga Reddy is turning out to be a savior of TV9 and would continue to be so hereafter too.

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