India's First Conventional Ballistic Missile ‘Pralay’, Test-fired
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On Thursday morning, India conducted the second test of the 'Pralay' conventional ballistic missile off the coast of Odisha's APJ Abdul Kalam island. The missile's developmental trial went well, with the platform reaching a range of 500 kilometres. 

'Pralay,' India's first conventional ballistic missile, is designed to counter any conventional missile attack from the country's northern and western frontiers. The missile development is noteworthy since India previously lacked a conventionally armed ballistic missile and was limited by the nuclear policy of "No First Use." It's also the first time two conventional ballistic missile tests have been successful on consecutive days in history. 

The missile range on Wednesday was 400 kilometres. The missile is an offensive weapon designed to destroy targets on land and at sea, and it is India's response to any future adversary carrier task force.

The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a solid-fuel battlefield missile based on the Prithvi Defence Vehicle from India's ballistic missile programme. 

'Pralay' is propelled by a solid-fuel rocket motor and other cutting-edge technology. According to the DRDO, the missile guidance system features cutting-edge navigation and integrated avionics. The sophisticated missile was created in such a way that it could defeat interceptor missiles. It has the ability to change its course mid-flight after travelling a set distance. 

Following the missile test on Wednesday, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commended the DRDO and its allied teams on this groundbreaking achievement. 

He also praised DRDO for the latest surface-to-surface missile's rapid development and successful launch.

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