HM Amit Shah Slams Arnab Goswami's Arrest, Says 'Blatant Abuse Of State Power' To Target 4th Pillar Of Democracy
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On Wednesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah condemned the attack and assault by the Mumbai Police on the Editor-in-Chief of the Republic Media Network, Arnab Goswami, and slammed the MVA government led by Congress for the 'blatant abuse of state power' to target the 4th pillar of democracy. More than a dozen Mumbai Police officers reached the residence of Editor-In - Chief Arnab Goswami on Wednesday morning in the midst of the witch-hunt on the Republic Media Network. Arnab Goswami was manhandled by the Mumbai Police and as many as 10 police personnel stormed Arnab's residence with the video captured by LIVE. They pushed Arnab and heckled him, telling him to come out. Reacting to the arrest of Arnab Goswami and the blatant assault on press freedom, Home Secretary Amit Shah hit Congress for shaming democracy and said it reminded him of the time of emergency. In addition, HM Shah said the assault on the fourth pillar of democracy will and should be resisted.

Mumbai Police has assaulted and arrested Editor-in - Chief Arnab Goswami in a shocking attack on the Republic Media Network and are taking him to the Raigad Police Station in a case that has been closed. Mumbai Police reached the residence of Editor-in - Chief Arnab Goswami on Wednesday morning, barged into his office, assaulted him and then arrested him. Arnab was also manhandled by the Mumbai Police and there were as many as 8 police vehicles and at least 40-50 police personnel in his building premises. In addition, Republic Executive editor Niranjan Narayanswamy and senior associate editor Sanjay Pathak were barred from entering Arnab 's residence by the Mumbai Police. As Niranjan said that his right to report was his, he was thrown out of the building and his phone was wanted by the Mumbai Police.

This comes after Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh called Arnab "the largest hawala operator in the city of Mumbai" at his newest fake news plant. Arnab Goswami stressed that the network supports only the blessings of the audience, tearing apart the ludicrous argument of the Mumbai Police. On Tuesday, speaking about 'The Debate,' he brought to the attention of the audience a piece of paper framed in his office. Mentioning that when Republic TV was launched, it showed the first week of television ratings, he remembered that the channel then topped the ranking charts itself. Overall, the management and editorial staff of the Republic Media Network have suffered over 150 hours of questioning in a number of cases beyond the initial TRP scam, including Republic Senior Associate Editor Shawan Sen, Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanaswamy Production Editor Sagarika Mitra, Senior Associate Editor Shivani Gupta. The journalists ensured that their sources would not be exposed.

The blatant attempt by the Param Bir Singh-led Mumbai Police to strike against press freedom was revealed through the numerous sessions of excessive interrogation sessions. Taking it a step further, the Param Bir Singh-led Mumbai Police filed a FIR against the Network's entire editorial team in a never-seen-before move, invoking a 1922 British Raj-era law that was last used in the Emergency era.

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