Goa CM Under Fire For Asking Why Rape Victims Were On Beach Late At Night
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In a horrific turn of events, two minor girls were subjected to gang rape, while two minor boys were attacked. Reacting to the issues, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had made some sensational comments.

Rather than condemning the incidents, the Chief Minister had kept the blame on the parents for allowing the children to go to beach at late night.

The opposite party leaders have raised the incidents of the attacks against the minors in the Assembly and sought a strict action against the culprits.

To everyone's surprise, the Chief Minister questioned, why the parents have allowed their children to step out of their residence at that time.

Adding further, Pramod Sawant said that we cannot blame the government and the police all the time. In this incident, the minors went to the beach at late night. The parents should think about this, he said.

His distasteful comments had attracted severe criticism and the opposition parties are demanding that Pramod Sawant should resign from the Chief Minister post.

As per the reports, the incident took place at the Benaulim beach. When the four minors are at the beach, four people reached there are sexually abused the minors girls and trashed the minor boys.

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