Fake Baba Beaten By Women For Molesting A Girl Using Drugs For 3 Months
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Women beat a fake baba for sexually molesting a girl by drugging her for three months on Tuesday at Pusalagalli headquarters in Nizamabad. He was supposed to have threatened to kill the girl if she told her parents. A man has been running a meditation centre and black magic at Pusalagalli for the past five years, according to sources, and sexually assaulted distressed women by assuring them of relief from health problems. A woman and her daughter, Metpalli, recently approached the baba with health concerns. The fake baba sexually attacked both mother and daughter by drugging them as the duo entered the room. He threatened to kill them if they told anyone about it. Later, for three months, he raped the girl.

When she complained of stomach pain, the victim's parents took the girl to the hospital. After the tests were performed, the doctors said the girl was three months pregnant. The shocked parents sought the aid of women's associations, who on Tuesday beat the fake black and blue baba at his workplace. The police put the fake baba in custody and transferred the victim to the hospital for medical tests.

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