Couple Duo Passport Seized For Painting Mask On Face Instead Of Wearing It
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Wearing a mask is the need of the hour. With covid-19 cases rising around the world, you cannot think of not wearing a mask. However, some people still don’t understand the gravity of the situation and take things lightly, and these social media influencers prove exactly that. Read on to know more about it.

Social Media Influencer Josh Paler Lin And Leia Se Flout Rules In Bali For Content
Authorities in Bali have seized passports of two influencers- Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se after they played a prank online where one of them was sporting a painted face mask rather than wearing one at a supermarket in Bali. The duo who claimed to do it only for the content and entertainment is receiving major flak online. They are now facing the possibility of deportation too

They Are Likely To Face Deportation After The Video Went Viral 
The video went viral in no time, and the duo received backlash not only online but also from the locals in Bali. In the video, when the couple tries to enter a supermarket, the guard stops them, so they return to their car, and Lin uses blue paint to draw a blue surgical mask with white straps and everything and looks believable as long as Se doesn’t speak.

Post that, once they get the entry to the supermarket, Se whispers in the video as to how she can’t believe that ‘this works!’. And once was uploaded the video, sparked massive outrage on social media. Lin and Se, who hail from Taiwan and Russia, now reportedly face deportation because of flouting Covid-19 rules. Their passports have been seized by authorities already, as per the reports.

Well, while understanding the importance of making content, but please don’t be this stupid. Covid is not a joke, and wearing a mask is a must.

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